The People’s Palace of Possibility


The People’s Palace of Possibility

Join us this Summer at LAC for a unique outdoor experience…

The Palace is an outdoor installation which asks how we find energy for change, despite our fear and anger about the future. It is rooted in utopias. The mystery of the utopias which have gone before, become misplaced, or gone wrong. And in the impulse for escape; for doing something radically different from life as we know it.

The Palace is nomadic and always growing. Right now it has a radio station, a kitchen, a pantry, and an escape hatch. The Palace is added to and animated by people wherever it goes. At Lyth Arts Centre it will host a disobedient choir, utopian illustrations, films, potlucks and ceilidhs.

The palace is open from Thursday to Sunday for 3 weeks from 12pm until 5pm each day – dates listed below;


  • Friday 28th July
  • Sunday 30th July
  • Thursday 3rd – Sunday 6th August
  • Thursday 10th – Sunday 13th August


Join us for a feast, a conversation, and a howl of rage this Summer.

To see the full programme of events, please click here.