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Our reputation for hosting residencies has grown notably over the course of the last decade, with numerous practitioners and groups from the fields of theatre, music and visual art all benefiting greatly from spending time working in and responding to our unique, inspiring location in the open countryside of Caithness. Offering generous hospitality and an escape from the hectic pace of everyday life, residencies at Lyth Arts Centre provide valuable opportunities for creative professionals to concentrate on the development and exploration of artistic practice and potential, whether visiting as an individual or as part of a collaborative group. Located on-site, our facilities have been carefully designed to provide participants with privacy, peace, comfort and the freedom to work without distraction.

In spring 2014, the centre embarked upon a three-year residency development project, allowing us to devote more time and resources to hosting and facilitating residencies during our season of events, which runs from the beginning of April to the end of October each year. Alongside offering funded opportunities (awarded either through the application process or by direct invitation), we also invite proposals for self-funded residencies; if you are a professional artist working in any medium or if you are part of a theatre company or musical group and are interested in applying for a residency, we would be pleased to hear from you. – contact us >>

In addition, the centre would like to invite local residents interested in hearing about and taking part in residencies at Lyth to join our residency participation group, which is open to all skill levels, backgrounds and interests. Offering the rare opportunity to meet, work with or learn from a wide variety of creative professionals, events involving this social group (which may take the form of classes, workshops and interactive projects, each lasting 1-2 days and run by visiting artists) will take place throughout the season, and will be free of charge or at low cost wherever possible. – contact us >>

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