• Group 2 Created with Sketch. When and how do we programme?

    We programme throughout the year, usually 12 to 18 months in advance. Different decisions and activity can affect programming decisions; we are not a regularly funded organisation so must consider this when planning ahead. We currently print and distribute two brochures annually, with print deadlines in December and May. It is best to get in contact as soon as possible.

    Charlotte, who leads on our programming, manages lots of other work in her role as Director so please bare this in mind.

    Final programme decisions may be made when we have enough potential shows on the table to make a decision about the balance of the programme. Final programme decisions may be made when the companies we have provisionally booked know about their funding too.

    The LAC team hold monthly programming meetings where Charlotte shares some options with the whole team and everyone is invited to feedback as well as offer some of their own suggestions of work they have seen or heard about that might be of interest.

    Whilst fees and availability are key factors in programme decision-making other things we have to consider include;

    • Commitment to other shows
    • Balance of programme and artforms
    • Fit with other programmes and projects
    • Audience potential
    • Staffing restrictions
    • Staging and technical requirements
    • Sales pitch i.e. tour pack and quality of information available
    • Balancing risk (financial and artistic)
    • Gender and diversity balance and equality across the programme
    • Quality
    • Personal taste
    • Geographical factors, particularly the carbon impact of travel
    • Status of show in terms of funding


  • Group 2 Created with Sketch. What are we looking for?

    LAC presents a wide programme of live performance including music, theatre, dance, comedy and circus. As as well as a commitment to all these artforms, we have the following policies;

    • Commitment to emerging theatre and dance companies, and supporting early career musicians and companies to enter a touring ecology
    • Commitment to Scottish, and particularly Highlands based artists and companies (for Artist Opportunities please click here)
    • Commitment to new work – whilst we may bring back musicians and shows which have sold well previously, this needs to be balanced against whether we feel we can sell it again and against presenting a fresh programme
    • Commitment to women artists, female led companies and organisations,  and work that shares stories about the female experience – we strive for at least 50/50 gender balance across our programme
    • Opportunities to collaborate – we are deepening our level of engagement with companies when we find a mutual fit for our strategic aims. This includes our residency programme, workshops, investing in new work and developing our audiences
    • Suitable gigs and shows for our Offsite Programme which takes live performance into village halls and community spaces across Caithness and North Sutherland
  • Group 2 Created with Sketch. What do we want to know?

    Generally, when artists and companies approach us, they send information about themselves and their show – what is it about, what does it look like, when is it available. This is essential information and we would also like to know;

    • Why are you making this show?
    • Why are you touring now?
    • Who is the show for?
    • How will you be selling it to audiences? (copy/image)
    • How can you support LAC to reach those potential audiences?
    • Why do you want to visit LAC and is it feasible (please see where we are on a map and check the journey is possible for your show at this stage)?
    • What kind of financial deal are you looking for?
    • A sense of the scale of the show
    • How is it staged and what kind of technical resource do you need?
    • Is the show/tour dependent on funding, and if so, when will funding be confirmed?
    • Which other venues are you talking to/where else are you going?
    • Who has seen already seen your work? Do you have any endorsements from other programmers and artists?


  • Group 2 Created with Sketch. How to get in touch

    The best way to get in touch is to email Charlotte directly on Once you have sent all the information, Charlotte will be in touch as soon as possible.

    Please note: Charlotte is currently on MAT leave – please send any programming enquiries to

  • Group 2 Created with Sketch. What We Offer

    We offer different financial deals including ;

    • Guaranteed fees – an agreed amount that we will pay you regardless of how much box office income there is. Please remember our capacity at LAC is usually 60 and our highest ticket price is usually around £10 – £15 – this effects our maximum income and the size of guarantees we can offer
    • A box office split – a percentage of the box office income, usually after booking fee reductions
    • A guarantee against a split – this means we will pay you either an agreed amount or a percentage of the box office, whichever is greater
    • A hire – you pay us an agreed hire fee, and you retain all the box office income

    As well as the usual marketing and technical support, we also offer;

    • Free accommodation on site for cast and crew (we can sleep up to 10 in a mixture of single and twin rooms)
    • First drink at the bar is on us
    • If you need to get-in to the space the day before, want to rehearse for a few days before the show or just have some residency time as part of your visit, the space will always be free of charge and we will endeavour to provide you with what you need



  • Group 2 Created with Sketch. How to find us

    Our postcode is KW1 4UD. If you are using a Sat Nav just search for ‘Lyth Arts Centre’. Whether you’re driving, getting public transport or flying please be sure to check traffic and travel updates, especially during bad weather.   Click here for more information on travel to LAC

  • Group 2 Created with Sketch. Accommodation

    Self-catering accommodation is provided on site at LAC. This is already booked for you – you do not need to book anything.

  • Group 2 Created with Sketch. Food and Drink

    The house has a fully equipped kitchen for your prepare your own meals. We provide basics like tea and coffee. For your food / drink, our closest shop is Tesco in Wick which is about 9 miles away (15 min drive). They also deliver to Lyth Arts Centre, so feel free to have anything delivered in advance and we can receive it for you. We would like to invite you to join us and our audiences for a drink post-show, too. First drink is on us and it is of course entirely optional! 

  • Group 2 Created with Sketch. Places to stop on the way

    Just in case you were making a day of the journey…

    Beautiful places:

    • The Cairngorms National Park – Pitlochry, Dalwhinnie, Aviemore… It’s all beautiful!
    • Loch Ness – Definitely a de-tour (at least an additional hour) but pretty special!
    • Beaches – Golspie and Brora have beautiful beaches. Fish and Chips in Golspie and The Coffee Bothy too




    Arts / Culture

  • Group 2 Created with Sketch. While you’re here

    We have loads of recommendations of places to visit around Lyth Arts Centre.




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