Moraine Commission Call-Out


A moraine is material left behind by a moving glacier, the type that shaped the landscapes of Scotland, Canada and Norway.

Moraine will be a new collaborative storytelling commission for three emerging writers from Caithness, Bergen and Northern Ontario as part of Northern Stories Festival 2022. Interactive beacons will be installed where audiences can listen to the stories in the places that inspired them.

The commissions will explore themes of place, ‘north’ and northern identities, landscape, heritage and environment. It can be an existing piece of work, but must not have been previously published.

The commissions will be recorded in their native language and English, then mixed into a rousing soundscape by musician Morag Currie.

Supported by EventScotland as part of the Year of Stories 2022.

For more info please see the pdf here with info on how to submit an application.