DATE: Monday, 30th May, 2005
TIME: 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Lyth Arts Centre
TNT Music Theatre presents Hitler Killed my Canary May 30, 2005

TNT Music Theatre presents Hitler Killed my CanaryTNT Music Theatre presents
Hitler Killed my Canary

(or An English Tea Party)

Written by Paul Stebbings and Phil Smith, Hitler Killed my Canary weaves together the comedy of the Music Hall “Greats” and the nightmare world of a British soldier who accidentally kills a German woman on the last day of the Second World War. The play examines the borders of personal responsibility in wartime, whilst working through hysterical farce, song and black comedy. For twenty-five years audiences have thrilled at this production that manages to be both hilarious and sad but also asks us to reflect on the fate of civilians in war-time. Cast: Eric Tessier-Lavigne, David Robertson and Sonja Morgenstern.
Music arranged by Paul Flush.
“An effortless blend of absurdist comedy and legendary variety routines” THE GUARDIAN

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