DATE: Saturday, 16th May, 2009
TIME: 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Lyth Arts Centre
The Sweetener / The Last Cuckoo / Double Bill with Buffet May 16, 2009
James Bryce in 'The Sweetener' Callum Mackay photographer
Photographer: Callum Mackay

Arts in Motion
The Sweetener

By Dave Smith performed by James Bryce             

60 minutes of comedy using the technical wizardry of a clever multi-media company and the talents of a gifted Scottish performer.

"James Bryce performs the show called "The Sweetener" by Dave Smith.  It is based around the idea of canned laughter, and features him as a protégé of Charles Rolland Douglas, inventor of the Laff Box.

The show can be seen at:

  • Fortrose, 25th April
  • Invergordon, 1st May
  • Golspie, 2nd May
  • Lyth, 16th May

James has an impressive professional track record. He has performed in nineteen films, and has had parts in over twenty TV series to date, James is busy on all fronts. He played Head Teacher Crawford for three years in Take The High Road, Scottish Television's popular drama series.

James Bryce is becoming quite a familiar face on TV these days and this year he is due to make even more appearances. Here are some of his most recent parts:

BBC, The 39 Steps, Concierge

STV, Taggart, Undertaker

BBC, Legit, Janitor

C4, Enfield Poltergeist, Maurice

The Last CuckooSea View Productions
"The Last Cuckoo"

Sea View Productions is proud to present “THE LAST CUCKOO” by BAFTA nominee NIGEL FORDE, former presenter of Radio 4’s ‘Bookshelf’.

In “THE LAST CUCKOO” we encounter characters and imagery that draw the audience into an unforgettable experience of literary and theatrical expression of the highest order.

“Beautifully comic …. I cried with laughter” – Simon Mayo, Radio 5

The characterisations are exquisite and the vivid language of the text simply breathtaking.

“An enchanting show” – Sally Magnusson.

Andrew Harrison’s astonishing performance moves and stirs the hardest hearts and provokes laughter, intrigue and enjoyment for all.

“The audience were unanimous in their praise. This is a wonderfully intimate piece…. Will have wide appeal to anyone who cares about the countryside, birds and the future.” – David Popple (former) Director Stamford Arts Centre.

But this play is not only a panegyric to the wonder of the natural world but also challenges the threat to a way of life that is fast disappearing. Beneath the glittering surface is a disturbing pulse that grows ever more insistent.

The revival of this enchanting, delightful and riveting piece of theatre follows the highly-acclaimed tour last year of “THE LEGACY OF JOHN MUIR” by Caithness writer MURRAY WATTS.

A major theatre producer is now developing plans for an extended UK Studio Theatre tour in autumn 2009.

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