DATE: Thursday, 13th May, 2010
TIME: 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Lyth Arts Centre
The Poozies, five-piece all-female group May 13, 2010

The Poozies, five-piece all-female groupThe Poozies, five-piece all-female group

Loads of talent, heaps of interesting instruments and five beautiful voices make this a band you simply can’t miss. The Poozies are a favourite at music festivals world-wide and have an impressive track record.

EILIDH SHAW: Fiddle, vocal
MARY MACMASTER: Electro-harp, metal-strung harp, vocals
PATSY SEDDON: Electro-harp, gut-strung harp, fiddle, percussion, vocals
MAIREARAD GREEN: Piano accordion, pipes, vocals
SALLY BARKER: Guitars, percussion, vocals

The POOZIES are masters of arranging and both their instrumental sets and their songs can take you on a journey through a sometimes fantastical landscape. Perhaps even more spine- tingling are the close vocal harmonies which intensify the songs and which are drawn not only from the rich vein of traditional Scottish Gaelic culture but also from any enticing genre. The Poozie recipe is a fragrant casserole of inventive interpretations, creative collaborations and melodic mastery, saturated by the spice of open-mindedness with which they happily explore the musical universe. In this inspirational band of women, the passion of Sally Barker's vivid voice is reinforced by the percussive power of her rock solid guitar; irresistible energy bursts from Eilidh Shaw's faultless fiddle; the perfect precision of Patsy Seddon's shimmering harp intertwines with the magical melodies of Mairearad Green's delicately dexterous accordion, all grounded by the growling groove of Mary Macmaster's capacious Camac electro harp and rounded off by the blending of five different yet sympathetic voices in heart-wrenching harmony.

"In a world wrapped in grey, the Poozies are a giant splash of colour" (Richard Penguin)

"Unique among folk roots artists" (Padruig Michael Mann)

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