DATE: Saturday, 29th October, 2011
TIME: 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Lyth Arts Centre
The Occasional Cabaret in Apocalypse! October 29, 2011

The Occasional Cabaret in Apocalypse! Satirical Dark Humour – The Occasional Cabaret in Apocalypse!
Saturday, 29th Oct. 8pm, 75 mins. age 14+

Crawling and scratching their way up from the gutters and swamps of society, Gdjet and Lulu present an evening of anarchic entertainment. Armed with only stools, microphones, a red curtain and a spotlight, they expose the hypocrisy and reveal the truth behind the bedtime stories we are told by the powers-that-be who wish us to continue our 21st century sleep…

Criss-crossing from the recent Past to the relentless Present, they bravely face down the unimaginable and unavoidable Future.  Are they fallen angels sent here to warn us or desperate charlatans playing one last con? 

Partly based on little known prophetic babblings this is at once entertainment and profound revelatory spiritual experience. 

Highly visual, bitingly original, with humour as black as midnight, Apocalypse combines satire, music, song and grotesquery in an anarchic evening of spectacular mayhem.

Is our world really about to end? Let Gdjet, Lulu and their strange un-named musical friend explain…

Apocalypse began development during a two week residency at Dance Base in September 2010. Exploring the distinctive theatrical style of bouffon within a cabaret environment.

The Occasional Cabaret is a new partnership between Peter Clerke & Catherine Gillard, formerly of benchtours.

Clancy Productions is a New York based touring theatre company best known in Scotland for Fatboy, screwmachine/eyecandy and The Event (all Edinburgh Festival Fringe First winners).

Script – John Clancy 
Direction – Peter Clerke
Musical Direction – Tim Brinkhurst 
Design – Ali Maclaurin
Production Management – Kevin MacCallum
Performance – Catherine Gillard, Nancy Walsh & Tim Brinkhurst


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