DATE: Tuesday, 28th April, 2015
TIME: 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Lyth Wick Scotland KW1 4UD
Spindrift Project in Forsaken April 28, 2015

Forsaken is the story of an island set at the moment of depopulation, of a struggle with the past and with future survival. Sandy, the last inhabitant of this small island, is old and barely able to fend for himself, yet is steadfast in his refusal to be moved. In this extreme isolation, memory and myth become inseparable while sound, image and speech become fragmented. Intoxicated and alone: the island, it seems, is what Sandy lives for. Until, from nowhere, a young woman arrives, shattering the fragile world he has created for himself and forcing him to confront his own demise.

The Spindrift Project is a performance laboratory for professionals from a wide range of creative disciplines where they can work together and make remarkable things happen on stage. Our mission is to enhance the theatrical experience through the crafting of unique performances by embarking on genre-spanning collaborative adventures. Our first production, Forsaken, will merge narrative, physical theatre, multimedia projection and music to create an immersive performance unlike any other.

The Spindrift Project tour is being supported by The Touring Network.

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