DATE: Friday, 2nd March, 2018
TIME: 6:30 pm
LOCATION: Lyth, Wick, KW1 4UD
My Friend Selma March 2, 2018

The tale of an incredible journey, a world turned upside down, loss, friendship, courage and conkers.

“When I was eight years old my dad set up a charity to help people fleeing danger in Bosnia. He brought fifty refugees over here on big coaches. We moved into an old boarding school with them to help them settle in. We lived there for four months. It was brilliant – there was a playground in my front garden, we had lots of visitors, people were always feeding me and I learnt to ride a bike. But the best thing about living there was meeting my friend Selma.”

“The most amazing story I’ve ever heard.” – Georgia, aged 10
“I would give this show 280,00,00 out of five.” – Erin, aged 9

“Absorbing, affecting but also robustly unsentimental” – ★★★★ (The Herald)

 Suitable for ages 8+, their family and friends.




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