DATE: Sunday, 13th August, 2017
TIME: 2:00 pm
LOCATION: Lyth Wick Scotland KW1 4UD
Music and Mindfulness with Katrina Gordon August 13, 2017

Music and Mindfulness – an afternoon of discovery!

What does mindfulness mean to you? A colouring in book for adults? Solitary meditation practice? A meaningless buzzword? Something that other people can find time to do, perhaps..? 

The ground-breaking work of Jon Kabat-Zinn has resulted in an exponential rise in “Mindfulness Based Interventions” over recent decades, and many of these have demonstrated clinically proven benefits to participants.  Yet mindfulness, as a beneficial life-long practice, remains much misunderstood in the western world.

This informative afternoon of discussion and practical exploration will examine holistically the possibility for each of us to develop our innate capacity for mindfulness as a life-long habit rather than merely as a stress-busting clinical intervention.  
Over the past two years, Katrina Gordon has been undertaking an in-depth study of mindfulness within her specialist context of music-making, as part of an MSc course with the University of Aberdeen.  She will present her unique perspective on the possibility of utilising long-term music practice as a credible (and enjoyable!) alternative to mindfulness meditation practice, including the promising results of a recent pilot study on this topic.

It is her belief that anyone can develop greater clarity of mind and emotional self-regulation through long-term practice of mindful activity.  Find out why it is that while many art-based, sporting, crafting and gardening activities have great potential as mindful activities, Katrina believes that music is an unsurpassable vehicle for the strengthening of mindfulness in daily life, leading to a balanced mind and a joy-filled, joy-fuelled existence.

Come along to find out the well-kept secrets of a happy, musical, mindful life.  You don’t have to be a musician (yet…) in order to enjoy the benefits of this event – all are welcome.

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