DATE: Tuesday, 4th May, 2010
TIME: 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Lyth Arts Centre
Mr Darwin’s Tree by Murray Watts. May 4, 2010

Mr. Darwin's Tree“Mr Darwin’s Tree” by Murray Watts.

This play is the latest collaboration between Murray Watts and Andrew Harrison. Writer/Director Murray Watts, who spends much of his time in Caithness as his home, Freswick Castle, is known internationally for his work as a dramatist (he was a founding director of Riding Lights Theatre Company), screenwriter (The Miracle Maker), film-maker and author. Andrew Harrison has appeared many times in theatre productions ranging from the fringe to the West End, and has had a long career in TV, film, radio and the stage. He is regarded as one of the country’s outstanding solo performers.

Andrew Harrison in Mr. Darwin's TreeMr Darwin’s Tree was commissioned during the bicentenary of Charles Darwin’s birth. It was premiered in Westminster Abbey to great acclaim. The play is already attracting considerable interest because of its focus on the relationship between Darwin (an agnostic) and his wife Emma (a Christian), and its bold treatment of issues around science, faith, love and human destiny. The play is aimed at a general audience of all beliefs and persuasions. It intends to entertain, challenge and move all who encounter it.

William Wilson saw a performance at King’s College Chapel, London and writes:
“This is a thoughtful and affecting work by our Freswick playwright. The writing, some of it based on Darwin’s journals and diaries, opens a window on his struggles as he tries to understand the implications of his discoveries. But with great ingenuity the play leaves us to come to our own conclusions. Andrew
Harrison’s masterful performance is bewitching as, single-handedly, he draws us in to the mind of the great man.”

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