DATE: Saturday, 23rd October, 2010
TIME: 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Lyth Arts Centre
Lung Ha’s Theatre Company October 23, 2010

Lung Ha's Chekhov ShortsDrama   Lung Ha's Theatre Company
Saturday 23rd Oct. 8pm, 2 hours including interval, age 12+

This is the first visit to Lyth by one of Scotland’s most successful inclusive theatre companies. A team of 13 people will be spending five days in residence at Lyth to work on two short plays by Anton Chekhov. Performances by this company are an inspiration to all who see them and should not be missed. Katie Webster will be bringing some local members of Health and Happiness, an organisation dedicated to promoting inclusivity in the Highlands. (30 minute pre-show introductory talk).

At Lyth Lung Ha's will be rehearsing and then launching productions of two short plays by Carol Rocamora, directed by Maria Oller, inspired by two of Anton Chekhov's stories:

Chekhov Shorts: The Two Volodyas + Romance With a Double Bass

In The Two Volodyas our familiar Chekhovian heroine, Sofya, finds herself at a crossroads: married to her wealthy husband Volodya yet still in love with her childhood sweetheart – a younger more attractive Volodya.

In Romance With a Double Bass, Pitsikatov is a young musician on his way to a Royal engagement. However, his journey soon takes a farcical turn, when he falls in love. Loses his double bass and finds he only has a top hat to preserve his modesty.

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  1. Ann McLeod says:

    This was a great production! Moving around in a small space, singing in Russian and changing costumes showed the professionalism of the actors involved and they had the audience with them the whole way! It was good to meet the actors and their team after the show even though they must have been exhausted after such a performance. They even put up with my dog running around wanting to get their attention all the time! Thank you ladies and gentlemen for sharing your talents with us; a very enjoyable evening indeed and good luck with the next show. Cheers, Ann and Ben of course!

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