DATE: Friday, 23rd March, 2018
TIME: 6:30 pm
LOCATION: Huddart St, Wick, KW1 5BA
Little Light March 23, 2018

*** Note this event takes place in the Pulteneytown People’s Project (PPP) ***

Inside a replica of a Bedouin tent in the Pulteneytown People’s Project, the audience sits on pillows and cushions. Around the top of the tent above a panoramic screen for projections, a starlit sky is visible. From one constellation, a small, energetic flicker of light falls from the sky to investigate the world below and, meeting a small boy and his father, the story begins…

Little Light tells the story of a small, energetic flicker of light that falls from the sky to investigate the world, where it meets a lonely boy and his father.

Using shadow puppetry, table-top puppets, object theatre, dance, music and animation, this new multi-media production from one of Scotland’s leading puppetry companies tells the story of a lonely boy who discovers companionship and trust through the curiosity of a mischievous star and the devotion of a faithful dog.

For this production, Vision Mechanic’s Artistic Directors Symon Macintyre and Kim Bergsagel have collaborated with performers from the Haya Cultural Centre, Amman, renowned for its work engaging with children in Jordan through the arts. Little Light is highly visual and contains only a few words in Arabic.




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