DATE: Sunday, 25th April, 2010
TIME: 10:00 am
LOCATION: Lyth Arts Centre
Fiona Ferrier, Clowning/Visual Comedy April 25, 2010

Fiona Ferrier, Clowning/Visual Comedy WorkshopFiona Ferrier, Clowning/Visual Comedy Workshop

Fiona worked on Mull’s “Laurel & Hardy” (see here ) and admires Charlie Chaplin and Jacques Tati. Her workshops focus on slapstick, funny games, comic scenarios and learning how to engage with audiences.

Spend a few hours having fun and learning some new skills! Fiona's workshops begin with exercises in slapstick, tripping, falling off chairs, hat games, working in pairs etc. Then participants move on to developing a comic scenario and learning how to engage with an audience. Finally, everyone takes part in working through a Laurel and Hardy routine. Participants of all ages from eight years upwards can take part including parents and children.

Fiona's style is definitely not colourful wigs, make-up and squirty flowers. Her clown is simple and naïve, always optimistic and curious, approaching life playfully, discovering humour everywhere. Her's is a clown that acts from the heart, motivated by a desire to make contact with the world.

For Mull Theatre's production of "Laurel & Hardy" Fiona spent rehearsal time working with the actors on the physical mannerisms of Stan and Ollie, trying to capture the "tie twiddle", the "head scratch" etc. and helping them transform into the characters. They also worked on all the routines in the play, fine-tuning the timing of the comedy and pin-pointing the essence of these two clowns.

Fiona trained in clowning at Playspace in Sydney in 2002. Since then she has devised and performed two clown shows, "Cereal Clowns" at the Edinburgh Fringe and "EGG" with Mull Theatre. She has worked with the charity Hearts and Minds and as "Dr Spritely" she gives weekly visits to children in hospital and hospices throughout Scotland. Fiona also teaches drama in Kirkcaldy each week.

Places are limited to twenty people in total.

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