DATE: Thursday, 8th September, 2011
TIME: 9:00 pm
LOCATION: Lyth Arts Centre
Film – Dummy Jim (4 mins.) and Roll Out Cowboy (75 mins.) September 8, 2011

Dummy Jim and Roll Out CowboyFilm – "Dummy Jim" (4 mins.) and "Roll Out Cowboy" (75 mins.), Thursday, 8th Sept. 9pm, age 12+.

At Last! a film night at Lyth Arts Centre on Thursday, 8th Sept. 9pm.
Why? because two prize-winning film-makers are dashing around Scotland showing their left-of-field documentaries. Elizabeth Lawrence brings us her quirky, lovable character Sandman as he tours from state to state, a hapless singer pursuing his dream to change the world and make things better.

Lawrence tours with her film because she believes making documentaries is more like community film making. When the film gets screened, people come out of the woodwork, and become excited to be involved. This is in contrast to narrative films where once the plot is resolved, the audience go home and that's it. Documentary characters don't stop – they go on living after the movie.

We're also showing sneaky bits from Matt Hulse's documentary "Dummy Jim", a film still in the making about an even more improbable character hell-bent on cycling solo to Morocco but confusingly ending up in the Arctic circle.  –  

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  1. Matt Hulse says:

    William. It was SUCH a pleasure to bring our films to you. You were a supremely graceful and generous host and your audience are clearly dedicated to Lyth Arts Centre. What a haven of magic and inspiration. We had a wonderful time, thank you. Onwards! Matt (and on behalf of Elizabeth)

  2. Ann Mcleod says:

    This was good! A rarity in Caithness – an evening in front of the big screen; so big that you could almost think you were there. Loved it! It was good to meet those involved afterwards and to get an insight into what goes on in the making of a film; a great experience! Thank you….

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