DATE: Wednesday, 12th October, 2005
TIME: 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Lyth Arts Centre
Eleanor McAvoy (Folk, Irish) October 12, 2005

Eleanor McAvoyEleanor McAvoy
(Folk, Irish)

It was obvious from an early age where Eleanor McEvoy’s interests lay. The career of one of Ireland’s most popular songwriters started at age four when she performed at an Irish music competition as the lead singer in her sister’s band. At eight, she took up the violin, and attended the College of music in Dublin for piano and violin up until 1985. Upon finishing school she attended the prestigious Trinity College in Dublin where she studied music by day and worked in pit orchestras by night. She graduated from Trinity with an honours degree and was accepted to the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland. Eleanor worked with the Symphony Orchestra for five years before she finally took the plunge and left the classical world behind her to concentrate on her real passion – songwriting.

Eleanor McEvoy achieved star status in Ireland in 1992 when her song “Only A Woman’s Heart” inspired the title for and appeared on, the “A Woman’s Heart” anthology album. It has since become the best selling album in Irish history, even eclipsing records by such legendary Irish artists as Van Morrison and U2. “A Woman’s Heart” stayed in the Top 10 for over a year.

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