DATE: Saturday, 7th April, 2018
TIME: 1:00 pm
LOCATION: Lyth, Wick, KW1 4UD
Eaten April 7, 2018

What if your food started talking back?

Meet Lionel the lion. He’s just eaten a human called Mamoru for lunch, but hasn’t chewed his food. So Mamoru’s alive and well in his stomach, and now wants to say hello. A strange friendship between the eater and the eaten starts to grow. Meanwhile, Lionel’s breakfast wants to say hello… from his bottom! 

Eaten, by an award-winning artist, Mamoru Iriguchi, invites children and grown-ups to the fascinating world of food chains, asking, What should we eat?, and Who should eat us?!

SCIENTIFIC fact meets humorous invention.★★★★ (The Herald)

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