DATE: Tuesday, 7th September, 2010
TIME: 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Lyth Arts Centre
Drama Dogstar Theatre in “Jacobite Country” September 7, 2010

Dogstar TheatreDrama Dogstar Theatre in "Jacobite Country"- Tuesday 7th Sept. 8pm, 2 hours including interval, age 12+

Jacobite Country is an alternative Highlands – still the same beautiful scenery, but the locals tend to live in council houses, drive their clapped out cars very fast and drink in bars with Confederate flags on the wall. The play debunks a raft of Highland clichés and might instigate some more. This brilliant ensemble piece by Wick-born Henry Adam is performed in a direct, irreverent style which challenges perceptions of mental illness and poverty while making people laugh.

In recent years, Dogstar has established itself as one of Scotland's leading touring theatre companies.  It is based in Inverness, one of Europe’s fastest growing small cities.  Its productions tour throughout Scotland and internationally.  Its work springs directly from the Highlands’ defining characteristics: a stunningly beautiful and harsh natural landscape; a tumultuous and marginalised history; a shifting and changing population; a vibrant oral and musical tradition.  These productions endeavour to speak to audiences in the Highlands and beyond using some of Scotland’s best actors, musicians, writers, directors and designers.  

Acclaimed Wick-born playwright Henry Adam is one of Scotland's leading playwrights.  Dogstar produced his play 'e Polish Quine in 2007 and the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh has produced three of his plays,  Among Unbroken Hearts, Petrol Jesus Nightmare No 5 and The People Next Door.  His plays have toured abroad, and have had several foreign-language productions, winning a number of awards.  Jacobite Country is also slated for an Edinburgh Fringe run followed by a five-week Scottish tour in September/October.  the play will feature a cast of five and will be directed by Matthew Zajac. Dogstar is delighted that the show will be designed by Ulla Karlsson, a talented designer from Umea in Northern sweden, where she is resident designer for the brilliant independent theatre group Profilteatern.
Ulla's participation in Jacobite Country is part of Dogstar's developing relationship with two companies in Northern Sweden, Profilteatern and Vasterbottensteatern.

3 Responses to Drama Dogstar Theatre in “Jacobite Country”

  1. George Gunn says:

    Jacobite Country, Dogstar Theatre, Lyth Arts Centre, 7th September 2010

    Seldom has such a confused and confusing play been so well served by such an energetic cast. Inverness based Dogstar Theatre gave Caithness writer Henry Adams

  2. Catherine McLeod says:

    Excellent show. The actors were a delight to watch and their vitality amazing.

  3. Ann M P McLeod says:

    Really enjoyed this play by Henry Adams. It opens with a dance by three of the four female actors then goes on to tell a story in which it is difficult to separate mental illness from reality.
    I have great admiration for the cast as their lot is to play characters who are mentally ill and were played with great gusto and vitality; they must be exhausted at the end of each performance.
    I particularly enjoyed the monologue by the “fellow” (I’m not good at remembering names) in the wheelchair but they all put on a great show and there was never a moment to let your mind rest. Once more, a memorable night at Lyth Arts Centre! Thank you all…

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