DATE: Sunday, 10th May, 2009
TIME: 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Lyth Arts Centre
Dogstar Theatre Co. May 10, 2009

The Tailor of Inverness

Dogstar Theatre Co.
The Tailor of Inverness

Dogstar Theatre Company in "The Tailor of Inverness" by Matthew Zajac.

This hugely successful production has been on tour both in this country and abroad.  Written and performed by Matthew, the play was inspired by the life of his father who grew up in what is now part of the Ukraine and became, much later in life, an Inverness tailor.  It explores themes of migration and identity during the great upheavals of 20th-century European life.  The story is underscored with the live fiddle of Jonny Hardie and evocative projected imagery.  

"I come from Gnilowoda.  I come from a tailoring school in Podhajce.  I come from the Eastern Front because when you are a tailor, they send you to be a soldier.  I come from the Soviets and the Nazis.  I come from a farm, from the forests and fields of green Ukraine.  From the resettlement camps of Germany.  From the beaches of the Adriatic.  From the grimy streets of Glasgow.  And the cool air of Inverness.  Now I am here.  I am from here.  I speak the language of here.

"…in Zajac's simple, beautiful presentation and performance we feel his sense of self first challenged, then enriched."  Financial Times ****

"…a brave biographical piece…that has succeeded in turning a deeply personal family story into a universal work of theatre."  Sunday Herald ****

"…theatre at its best…achieves more power, humour and inventiveness in its 75 minutes than most full-length plays manage in three hours…Zajac's performance is phenomenal.  It is easy to get swept away by the narratives, the numerous characters and the constant theatrical surprises that Harrison and Zajac create…personal, creative and mesmerising.  This should not be missed." ****

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