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Cat Sith (Thurso)


Saturday 09.04.22

What Time

13:00 - 13:30


Thurso High Street (Rotterdam St)

Cat Sith is a high impact outdoor spectacle, centred around a large acrobatic puppet of a Scottish wildcat and its pesky pursuer.

Sammie, Cat Catcher Extraordinaire, is on the hunt to capture the elusive wildcat. Equipped with a multitude of gadgets, gizmos and help from the audience, will Sammie succeed, or will our cat maintain its wildness?  Through use of physical comedy and improvisation, we have created an enthralling, accessible and multi-layered fusion of puppetry and acrobatics that is adaptable to its environment.

20 mins (walk about + static performance)

This is a free performance, no need to book. The performance will start outside Socially Growing on the Precinct at 1pm.