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BROCHTOBER: Archaeological art with Kate Robinson


Sunday 27.10.19

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11:00 - 15:00


Lyth Arts Centre

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Celebrate Brochtober at Lyth Arts Centre this October.

Explore a new exhibition of local artists showcasing their broch inspired work. A chance to discover more about

Caithness’ brochs and celebrate these special structures. Curated by Caithness Broch Project.



Archaeological art fun day, with hands-on activities including archaeological art with Kate Robinson.

Together we will make a communal drawing inspired by archaeology from around the world using special chalks and colours made from earth pigments with a history going back to the iron ages. We’ll draw a story of creation from the centre out to the edges from the first plants and trees to fish and animals to humans to modern images from the anthropocene right out into the future!
Weather permitting we’ll also make a drawing in chalk on the ground inspired by the circular form of brochs. We’ll use colour and big bold abstract shapes as well as areas where you can delve deep into your imagination to make your own ‘mini-worlds’.

Please Note: This event will run along side our Family Film Club- Book Family Film Club here

Funded by the Greencoat Stroupster Community Fund administered by Foundation Scotland