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BROCHTOBER: The Castle Hunter


Thursday 17.10.19

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19:00 - 20:00


Lyth Arts Centre

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Celebrate Brochtober at Lyth Arts Centre this October.

Explore a new exhibition of local artists showcasing their broch inspired work. A chance to discover more about Caithness’ brochs and celebrate these special structures. Curated by Caithness Broch Project.


Talk with David Weinczok

The Castle Hunter

“The Scottish History Behind Game of Thrones”

A wall in the distant north cuts the world in two. Ruthless seaborne warriors raid the coasts from their war galleys, yearning to regain lost glories. A young nobleman and his kin are slaughtered under a banner of truce within a mighty castle. A warrior king becomes a legend when he smites his foe with one swing of his axe during a nation-forging battle. Yet this isn’t Westeros – it’s Scotland.

Join author and presenter David C. Weinczok for a talk drawn from his book, ‘The History Behind Game of Thrones: The North Remembers’ and discover the characters, battles, landscapes, and lore from Scotland’s story that wove their way into George R. R. Martin’s world of ice and fire.

This is a free event, no need to book.


Funded by the Greencoat Stroupster Community Fund administered by Foundation Scotland