Caithness Young Creatives

Caithness Young Creatives is a club for young people, led by young people. CYC provide a regular programme of workshops led by artists and creative practitioners giving young people a chance to have a go or develop skills in a variety of creative subjects.

The Caithness Young Creatives worked with Rosanna Irvine as part of the Manifestos in Times of Crisis participatory art project. This is the Manifesto that they came up with for the Caithness Young Creatives.

  • To create an inclusive and safe space without pressure for everyone and anyone, somewhere everyone can come together and not be judged. Art for the sake of art.
  • We want to create a space in which social issues like racism, gay rights and climate change can be openly discussed to educate ourselves and others through creativity. 
  • Art can be used to familiarise people towards issues and to generate social change.
  • There should be more opportunity in school for all ages when it comes to theatre and art.
  • We believe art should be valued in itself as well as a viable career option and a means to change.
  • Art allows us to extend the expression of what is and isn’t usual – and so can change people’s perceptions.
  • We need somewhere to be able to showcase the art we make, somewhere people can be proud of what they’ve done and find encouragement through feedback and support from others.
  • We love art because it is a source of enjoyment!


Current Opportunities

There are currently two workshops available for booking at the moment, for more information on these, please follow the links below

Mic – Camera – Action! | Filming workshop with Regina Mosch

Drawing and Ceramics workshop with Northshore Pottery


Caithness Young Creatives archive

Below is a list of previous projects, for more information on each one, just click on the title.


  • Group 2 Created with Sketch. Online Workshops
    CYC actively participate in online workshops and talks with various artists which have included the following:
    • Writing for stage with George Gunn
    • Artists talk by Joanne B Kaar
    • Creative writing with Leyla Josephine
  • Group 2 Created with Sketch. Summer school filmmaking workshops with Regina Mosch
    CYC held some filmmaking workshops this Summer, they included:
    • Online sessions with Regina Mosch – an introduction to filmmaking
    • Workshops at Lyth Arts Centre – introduction to filmmaking and editing
    See some of the films that were created during these workshops below…
  • Group 2 Created with Sketch. Fun Palaces
    Caithness Young Creatives steering group led an activity as part of the Fun Palaces event this year.
    The group decided to host an event at Thurso Harbour where young people were invited to join them in creating temporary chalk drawings around the themes of inclusion, diversity and equity.
  • Group 2 Created with Sketch. Northern Lights Festival

    The CYC also worked on some films that were included as part of the projections at the Northern Lights Festival. The four films and animations were shown in the Salt Cellars at Wick Harbour.

    See one of the projections below…


For more information on the project, please email 

Lyth Arts Centre is funded by the Scottish Government’s Youth Arts Fund through Creative Scotland with support from Youth Music Initiative and Time to Shine. The Youth Arts Fund ensures creative opportunities for children and young people continue to exist across Scotland despite the COVID-19 pandemic.