CAIR: Joanne B Kaar


Joanne B Kaar is a highly experienced research based visual artist who often uses traditional craft techniques. She lives in Dunnet on Dunnet Head and only 2 miles from where she grew up in the village of Brough. She holds a BA Hons Degree from Grays School of Art, Aberdeen and a Master of Arts from Manchester Metropolitan University.


Joanne’s project called TEXTiles, the Fabric of Life will be in collaboration with those who care for older people, including professional care providers, volunteers and relatives, to develop an intergenerational project that connects older people with their wider community in a meaningful and sensitive way while still restricted by protection measures introduced during 2020 coronavirus.


“TEXTiles connect people with place and time. They are literally the fabric of our lives; from the blankets that cover new born babies to the clothing we wear for work or special occasions, the soft furnishings we choose as home makers and specialist TEXTiles such as feed sacks, bailer twine and fishing nets to the ‘bags for life’ we use for carrying groceries home and the masks we now wear.”


Fabric of Life will be an intergenerational TEXTile based community project that while connecting with the past, is still relevant today.


To read a recent blog post from Joanne about the development of the project, please click here


Have you felt isolated during the pandemic? Are you a key worker or a carer? If so and you would like to be part of the project, please click here