CAIR: George Gunn


George Gunn is a renowned poet and playwright from Thurso. Having also ran Grey Coast Theatre Company for 20 years, he has run many community projects across the Highlands. In (2021) he will publish his 10th book of poems “Chronicles of The First Light” (Drunk Muse Press).


George’s project called ‘Words on the Wind’ will be a series of poems about specific places, performed by local people and recorded on film. The idea is to create and record a series of poems which would present Caithness as a poetic landscape and the result would be one big poem of Caithness.


George will be our Caithness Makar, working across the county with several community partners, delivering writing workshops and developing ‘Words on the Wind’.


George is looking for local people to submit their photos, videos, films and poems on what they find inspiring about Caithness. To read more about the project and to submit your content, please click here.


We will be following George closely and will keep you updated as the project unfolds.