A Zine for the First Minister 

In Summer 2020, LAC was invited to take part in the  First Minister’s National Advisory Council on Women and Girls (NACWG) for a new online project exploring gender equality and overlapping discriminations for their 2020 focus on intersectionality

We worked with four young people from Caithness –  Catherine-star Blachford, Emma Henderson, Hannah Dunnett and Ashleigh Coghill. They collaborated with fellow young people from across the country over 5 sessions to feed into a report speaking directly to the First Minister about how to make Scotland work for all girls and young women. The online sessions were led by Ashanti Harris and Samar Ziadat. 

The group used creative activities such as collage, zine making and lively discussion to explore questions and topics set by the NACWG. Using their artworks, thoughts and ideas, they produced their own collaborative newspaper, which will be made available online and in print and presented to the First Minister. 

We are incredibly proud of our four participants who eloquently and passionately advocated for the rights of women and girls in Caithness. Subjects they covered in their own contributions included period poverty, access to maternity units and the Hate Crime and Public Order Bill.

You can read the zine online below: